Top 5 Filipino Channels on YouTube That Teach Tagalog

Filipino YouTube Channels That Teach Tagalog
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Are you a foreigner who wants to visit the Philippines? A Filipino who needs to learn the national language of the motherland? In this case, there are YouTube channels that teach the Tagalog or Filipino language you should see. Hence, here are our top 5 YouTube channels.

1. Learn To Speak Filipino with

Know basic Filipino phrases through the YouTube channel. It has videos about phrases you need when you travel, start conversations, make complaints, etc. If you also want to make learning the language seriously, sign up on the website for a free lifetime account. The website offers higher quality and exclusive videos as well as study tools. There’s also a personalized program for a premium plus subscription.

2. Talk to Me in Tagalog YouTube Channel

Acquaint yourself with Filipino expressions and words you’ll usually hear from native speakers. Learn what they mean and how we pronounce them because you’ll most likely use them when talking with Filipino speakers. Talk to Me in Tagalog has videos that allow learners to repeat after the speaker practices pronunciation. Also, the channel features grammar lessons, tongue twisters, vocabulary lessons, greetings, and a lot of useful phrases.

3. Wena Siojo Teaches Tagalog On YouTube

You can learn Filipino words from English through Wena Siojo’s YouTube channel. The vocabulary videos also include Tagalog words for body parts, animals, food, jobs, etc. There are also videos of Filipino common sentences and phrases. In addition, the channel provides practice reading lessons for kids. In case you’re a parent or teacher, this channel will be an excellent resource for learning and teaching Filipino.

4. Speak Filipino

Check out the videos on Speak Filipino for vocabulary and grammar lessons. The channel’s content also includes saying sorry, short conversations, encouraging someone, positive phrases, asking for and giving directions, essential questions, reduplicated words with repeating syllables, and some long Filipino words. Filipinos learning English can also use Speak Filipino’s videos to learn English.

5. Learn Filipino With Learn Tagalog with Fides YouTube Channel

French-speaking people learning Tagalog will appreciate Fides’ channel because most of her videos have French subtitles and English. Fides’ Filipino lessons also include how to introduce someone, basic sentence structures, conjunctions, and verbs. Additionally, she posts videos that show her having conversations with her family in Filipino, which is an organic way of teaching the language. She also has Tagalog lessons for kids.

And those are our top 5 Filipino YouTube channels that teach Tagalog or Filipino. Did we miss some YouTube channels that you’re already following? Would you please let us know?

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