Hobbies To Keep Filipinos Sane This Pandemic

Hobbies Filipinos Sane Pandemic

The pandemic has not yet ended, although the number of cases has significantly dropped. Do you still feel that cabin can fever from all of the lockdown and quarantine protocols? We feel you. Treat this as a sign to release your inner creative side. Here are four hobbies to still keep Filipino sane as the end of the pandemic draws near. These hobbies will keep your mind off the stress that the outside world brings and will make your day productive. You might even enjoy these hobbies with your family friends or treat them as one step in your self-care routine.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to pressure yourself to be good at these hobbies. Take your time in trying out each one of them and enjoy the process. Trying out different hobbies may even unlock unknown creative potentials in you.

1. Filipinos Could Start The Hobby of Journaling

People have used journaling to write down and organize their thoughts in writing to reflect on their personal growth. Writing down or crafting your journal can give you time to wind down and ease anxieties. Through journaling, you may be able to recycle some papers and cardstocks lying around. You may use them to decorate and personalize your journals.

Here are some shops to help you craft your ideal journal.

  • Papemelroti Gift Shop
  • Shopee

2. Turn Baking And Cooking Into a Hobby

Love eating out with family and friends? Maybe it’s time to recreate some of your family’s famous dishes or try out different cuisine. From under the guidance of your lolas and titas, put a twist to your family’s recipes and make them your specialty. You can also search for advice on YouTube videos. Here are some channels:

3. Sewing, Crocheting, or Cross-Stitching

Who says sewing is for older people only anyway? Many are enjoying the quiet time of sewing and treating it as their self-therapy. Filipinos could also turn sewing into a hobby. Then, turn it into a small business with practice and time since many people switch back to handmade gifts.

4. Gardening For Filipino Plant Parents – “plantitas/plantitos”

To remain sane, has anyone else started a hobby in gardening and turned into a Filipino plant parent – “plant-tita” or “plant-tito” – during the pandemic? Raise your hands!

They sure have made a special place in our hearts, from tiny succulents to towering leady plants, by being a distraction during the pandemic. Some even consider taking care of plants as a practice for having a pet or a child. It is never too late to put on those YouTube videos and start owning your garden!

Here are some Filipino YouTubers to help you ease into being a certified plantita:

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