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Filipino YouTube Channels Coffee Lovers Should Check Out

Filipino YouTube Coffee Lovers

In case you guys are coffee lovers, you will probably find the following Filipino YouTube channels as your happy place. They offer quality coffee content for you to enjoy and learn from. Follow along and see how you can benefit from these channels or support the coffee industry in the Philippines.

Chao Coffee and Tea For Filipino Coffee Lovers

You can get so much from Chao Coffee and Tea, whether you are coffee lovers and want to try making excellent drinks on your own or start a business. Moreover, this Filipino YouTube channel features a lot of recipes, different ways of making coffee and other drinks, and essential tools. Also, the channel’s host also has a couple of recipe books, The Basic Barista and All Things Milk Tea! for home and business. They offer professional mentorship too.

Babes Coffee YouTube Channel

Christmas coffee drinks, coffee machine reviews, pre-workout coffee mix, blind taste tests, and coffee-making accessories are only some of the types of content on Babes Coffee. Moreover, this Filipino YouTube channel promises to help coffee lovers brew fantastic coffee at home. Please subscribe to Babes Coffee if you find it useful, and you can also follow it on Facebook and Instagram for more coffee content.

Coffee Shop Tips For Coffee Lovers From Fudgebartv

As coffee lovers, do you often dream of owning a coffee shop? Maybe you’ll gain inspiration from a Filipino street barista’s YouTube channel Fudgebartv. Moreover, see how his pop up sidecar coffee business works through his tutorial videos, such as the kinds of beans to use, how to make pour-over coffee, things you need to learn about a pop-up coffee business, and including 3 in 1 coffee in your menu especially when you’re still starting.


This Filipino YouTube channel is mostly a mix of shoes and coffee content. In case you’re into both, this channel is perfect for you. Furthermore, the coffee videos are informative like the features on the Philippine coffees, how to brew expensive coffees, latte art, mesh filters, nanofoamer, coffee storage, and interviews with coffee connoisseurs.

thepurpledoll Filipino YouTube Channel

Are you craving relaxing and delicious videos to watch? You should follow thepurpledoll’s channel. Moreover, the home café vlogs are most likely your cup of tea or coffee. Also, the menu includes the colorful iced coffee latte, iced drip coffee, and dalgona coffee. There are also compilation videos of different aesthetic drinks that are a must-view.

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