5 Parenting YouTube Channels for Filipino Moms and Dads

Filipino Parenting YouTube Channels

If you’re a new parent who needs the wisdom of Filipino moms and dads that have been there, you can check out the following YouTube channels for advice. Even if you already have years of parenting under your belt but still want some guidance, these are excellent sources for you to explore too.

Smart Parenting

Using words that heal and be a more confident parent are only a couple of topics that you can glean from Smart Parenting. This channel has a vast array of parenting content that’s not limited to raising babies until they become teens. Parents can also get tips on self-care, how to make money online, and the like. Besides the YouTube channel, they also have a blog website.

Mommy Diaries PH

Follow the adventures of Olivia and her parents on the Mommy Diaries PH channel. If you haven’t yet, you can learn how to explain to your kids why you need to discipline them, how to make them listen to you, and how to help them stay focused on their class. These are but a few things you can gain from this channel that features a lot of fun family stuff.

Dev Ped Titas

Understanding child development is essential to better parenting, according to Dev Ped Titas. On this channel, you’ll find discussions about the importance of faith in God in child development, developing babies’ social and emotional skills at home, toddler parenting tips, and mom hacks, among other issues.

Let Galangco

Parenting is a partnership, and we often say that the best gift a parent can give their children is a loving relationship with their spouse. In addition to the motherhood videos on Let Galangco’s channel, you’ll also find her getting honest about her marital problems and how she chose grace to save her marriage. This mom considers vlogging as a form of therapy.

The theAsianparent Philippines

Pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, education, family and home, and health and wellness are what the theAsianparent covers. You can use the channel’s educational videos for children like learning how to count in Tagalog, Filipino nursery songs, short stories, nursery rhymes, and sight words to teach your little ones. Some lullabies can help your babies fall asleep.   

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