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Philippine Cryptocurrency XIAN COIN Is a Scam

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The so-called XIAN COIN Cryptocurrency is a scam; the person behind it is Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza, a confessed scammer from the Philippines. Gaza is known for his bouncing check case and outrageous offers to female celebrities he wanted to date. He has attained a certain level of online personality status because of his stunts and as a vlogger. Later, he conceptualized the Xian Coin (XNC) in 2018 and released it in July 2020.

As stated on Xian Coin’s website, the cost of each XNC unit is now Php70.00 from Php40 per unit in August 2020. The minimum number of coins to be purchased is 20, amounting to Php1,400. It’s also mentioned that transactions and communications can only be coursed through the Xian Coin Bank Facebook page and email. Gaza shared on Facebook that as of April 1, 2021, the net worth of the Xian Crypto Bank has exceeded PHP 45 million. Do you believe that?

Reviews About XIAN COIN Cryptocurrency

Invested Lifestyle reviewed Gaza’s video about Xian Coin and claimed they’re 100% sure it’s a scam. The Invested Lifestyle vlog explains Gaza’s modus and scamming style. In Gaza’s video, he straightforwardly admits that XNC is the vehicle for his ultimate financial goal in life, which is to become a billionaire, and that XNC isn’t legal.

Bizarrely, Gaza expects the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to include his Xian Coin Cryptocurrency in the public advisory months after its release. It won’t be the first time that the SEC warns the public about Gaza’s investment schemes if it happens. On September 3, 2020, the SEC posted an advisory about Gaza’s Cristiano Alberto Real Estate Fund or CAREFUND.

Why Gaza could still lure people to follow him and trust his scammy business ventures boggles the mind. Meanwhile, Atty. Libayan of BATASnatin also made a vlog about Gaza in which he explains why Xian Coin is another Ponzi scheme and why people shouldn’t invest in it.


Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza is a confessed scammer, and his XIAN COIN Cryptocurrency is a scam.

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