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Online Freelance Jobs Filipinos Want to Know About

Online Freelance Jobs Filipinos

The COVID pandemic has changed how many people view work as job losses becoming prevalent in physical workplaces, and work-from-home is the new normal. Job seekers often have no choice but to go to the digital workplace in search of opportunities. So, if you’re one of the Filipinos looking for work or greener pastures on the internet, try visiting these YouTube channels that give tips and advice on how to land online freelance jobs.

Mimi Luarca

Explore home-based work and income-generating opportunities on the internet with Mimi Luarca. Her channel has featured jobs like language translation, editing documents, writing, online recruitment, and chat support. She also has videos about gadget reviews, passive sources of income, and tips for virtual assistants.

James Tristan Ruiz

This channel promises to have tested the extra, part-time, freelance, and full-time online jobs featured here such as online bookkeeping, transcribing, typing, appointment setting, and video editing. James Tristan Ruiz also does Binance tutorials, investment videos, and tips for buying laptops. Check his channel out to discover more pieces of advice and income opportunities.

Britx Sui

If you’re looking for work-from-home tutorials, you can find many of them on Britx Sui channel. These tutorials include How to Create an Online Portfolio with Zero Experience, Freelancing for Beginners, and Ways to Get Clients Online. Britx Sui also has videos about content creation, tips for social media accounts, price your service, and many others. Visit her channel to see what other opportunities she features.

Jhazel de Vera

Follow Jhazel de Vera’s channel if you want to earn money online. Her videos include jobs for people without work experience or degrees, students, and even fangirls and fanboys. She also covers online trading, paying apps, scams, and a whole lot more. However,  you can’t find High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) and betting or gambling websites on the channel.

Online Jobs Philippines

The name of the channel says it all – Online Jobs Philippines. What you’ll find here are tutorials for home-based job beginners, tips to get clients, how to get hired, and many more. Also, subscribe to this channel if you want to learn about working on an online store. Furthermore, Online Jobs Philippines has videos about eBay management tasks, order fulfillment, product research, and others.

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