Filipino DIY YouTube Channels You Should Give a Follow

Filipino Do-It-Yourself (DIY) YouTube Channels

If you’re fond of do-it-yourself (DIY), subscribe to the following Filipino YouTube channels to get project inspirations and learn from their how-to videos. They don’t only provide helpful content; the videos are highly satisfying to watch too.

G Torbz Crafty Channel

For people who love paper crafts, check out G Torbz Crafty Channel, which has already published many DIY projects. There are origami, picture frames, Christmas decoration, and so many more. You can find great gift ideas as well for any occasion, such as Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day.


Learn some art tricks and tips from romellowy. The channel has tutorials that can give you business ideas. Some of the materials Rome uses are resin, beads, and eco-friendly packaging. If you also love stationery, stickers, and all the cute stuff, this channel is for you.


Electronics enthusiasts will love DIY PINOY. The channel features energy-saving devices, repairs, and a whole lot more. DIY PINOY’s videos are so educational that even if you can’t fix simple broken electronic equipment yourself, you can learn to identify possible problems.

Imee Marquez

Fashionistas on a budget can learn a thing or two from Imee Marquez YouTube channel. The vlogger teaches how to give new life to old dresses, upgrade jackets, create trendy clothes, and other transformations. Imee and some of her creations have already been featured on GMA and CNN.

Roi Diola

Are you interested in woodworking? Visit Roi Diola’s channel for tutorial videos. You’ll know the essential woodworking tools, ways to get rid of termites, varnishing, different types of paint, among other things.

chit-man channel

There’s so much you can pick up from the chit-man channel. The DIY projects you’ll on this Filipino YouTube channel include how to make cabinets, install doorknobs, make beds, laminate plywood, install ceiling, and so on. It also has unboxing and tool testing videos.

Shin Guiking

You’re in for a treat when you visit Shin Guiking’s channel because it’s very aesthetically pleasing. Some of the DIY projects on the channel for Filipinos are scented candles, minimalist table set-up, and strawberries and cream frappe inspired by Starbucks

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