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Top Filipino Physical Therapy Channels on YouTube

Filipino Physical Therapy YouTube

Do you want to pursue a career in Physical Therapy? If that is not the case, do you want to understand what physical therapists do? Then, these Filipino YouTube channels on physical therapy can help you. Also, they can give you ideas about schooling, opportunities here and abroad, health advice, and more. 

Audrey Gravador

The Audrey Gravador YouTube channel has The Dear Future Rehab Students Series. It answers many questions from aspiring physical therapy students. Besides this series, Audrey also discusses physical therapy stereotypes and challenges in the Philippines, prosthetic physical therapy, how to be a physical therapist in the US, etc.

noel PTv 

Noel is a registered physical therapist. He also advocates natural healing and wellness. Moreover, most of his videos talk about recovery from stroke. He has also gone live on YouTube discussing topics like introduction to physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, how to lose weight, the spiritual dimension to naturopathic medicine, and power boosts to the immune system

Therapeutic Mind

Get free health tips from the Therapeutic Mind channel, such as Bell’s palsy facial exercises and electrotherapy, back pain home remedies, and how to do the Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment, which is a balance test. Dodievic Arma, who is behind Therapeutic Mind, is a soon-to-be physical therapist and medical doctor in the making.

Doc Cherry

Doc Cherry has many videos on home exercise programs and health topics. She is also a doctor of physical therapy. Moreover, she has published videos about carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and more. Doc Cherry also has a Tagalog channel.

Doc Jun Reyes

Dr. Juanito Reyes is a US-based and board-certified physical therapist. He also provides a lot of helpful information on his channel. Moreover, his topics include frozen shoulder, vertigo, sciatica, sleeping positions, and the best daily exercises for seniors. Furthermore, most of his Physical Therapy videos on YouTube are in Filipino and have live demonstrations. You might also want to check out other Filipino physical therapists working abroad. For instance, these videos include the following: JustUpright, PT MEAL Podcast, Odessa Morales PT, and PhysioGen PT and Wellness.

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