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Top 5 Filipino Fitness Coaches To Follow on YouTube

Filipino Fitness Instructors on YouTube
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Despite the restrictions on commercial gyms, the pandemic isn’t stopping fitness buffs from working out. With available resources on the internet, anyone can figure out suitable routines and health tips to follow. In case you’re looking for guidance from a professional fitness coach, our top 5 Filipino fitness coaches to follow on YouTube.

1. Fitness Coach Jacob Alava’s YouTube Channel

First, we have Filipino fitness coach Jacob Alava. His YouTube channel is about fitness, health, and lifestyle. Some of the videos you’ll find there discuss building muscle at home, bulking tips, eating healthy, calorie counting, and flexible dieting. It also has personal content like his sneaker collection, bad money habits, and day-in-his-life vlogs. Moreover, Alava has been an online coach since 2018. However, before becoming a full-time fitness coach, he worked in the financial industry.

2. Fitness Coach Ken Hanaoka And His YouTube Channel

Men’s Physique Overall Champion Ken Hanaoka can teach you a thing or more about bodybuilding and discipline. As a YouTuber, Hanaoka’s channel is mostly about his journey as a personal trainer and mentor with his group. He also posts tutorial videos, such as leg press tips, shoulder workouts, and abs exercises. Moreover, he is an online coach and can be reached through the email address provided on his channel.

3. Ka-bakal Filipino Fitness Coach Alexis Tolentino

Next, we have ka-bakal Filipino fitness coach Alexis Tolentino. He has been a certified gym trainer and head coach in the fitness industry for about 16 years. Moreover, his YouTube channel contains diverse topics: workout tutorials, food, reaction videos, celebrity workouts, health tips, product reviews, and store recommendations. According to Tolentino, his followers can ask him any question about health and fitness, so he’s called “coach ng bayan.”

4. Fitness Coach Tito Fit

Coach Jerdy has 16 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, coach, and health club manager. He’s also a CrossFit trainer. Coach Jerdy teaches people about health and fitness topics through the Tito Fit channel like easy home workouts with no equipment, gymnastics-inspired exercises, yoga, intermittent fasting, staying healthy during the quarantine, and gym and equipment reviews.

5. The Gorgeous Filipino Fitness Alex Dayrit

Last but not least, we have Ms. Earth Philippines – Fire 2019 Alexandra Dayrit. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer. Moreover, she brands herself as a transformation specialist who coaches from studies and experience. Her YouTube channel is about healthy eating, weight loss, and transformation. Visit Dayrit’s channel to see her weight loss journey, get tips on becoming sexy, learn workout routines without equipment, and watch other interesting vlogs like how to heal from heartbreak.

And those are our top 5 Filipino fitness coaches that we can follow on YouTube!

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