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The Philippines Is hard To Fix, Doc Adam Leaving YouTube

Doc Adam Finally Leaves YouTube

Doc Adam is finally leaving YouTube because the troubles he has gotten into are not worth it anymore. His crusade to help Filipinos is an uphill battle. The Philippines is difficult to fix on individual capacity. After four years of creating videos for Filipinos, he and his girlfriend call it quits. They will no longer create new videos.

Doc Adam YouTube Videos On Products And Services

Doc Adam’s noble intention has wounded some shady people’s pride and alarmed exploitative companies. But he was merely giving his professional opinion and stating apparent facts on the products and services they promote or sell. On the other hand, the YouTube videos from Doc Adam have helped Filipinos by educating them, as evident in the viewers’ comments. However, Doc Adam is leaving YouTube because he sees a seriously huge problem the has been endemic in the Philippines.

Doc Adam Sees A Seriously Huge Problem In The Philippines

According to Doc Adam, the Philippines has a huge problem– so many Filipino companies give incredibly misleading health information to sell their products and services. Also, some big celebrities, influencers (YouTubers), and even doctors collude with these companies. Worse, the majority of Filipinos believe in the lies from these companies.

People use vitamins to cure cancer; some use essential oils to heal their heart failure. Other products have no efficacy – the so-called Hydrogen-water, weight-loss coffee, and a facemask with a hole.

Doc Adam Final Messages Before Leaving YouTube

Doc Adam calls out the official government bodies in the Philippines. These include the FDA and DOH, which are aware of the danger of misleading health claims from Philippine companies. He also stresses that these products can harm Filipinos’ health.

Doc Adam also calls out the Filipino celebrities and YouTubers. These people are part of the problem. They support products and services with outrageous and dangerous health claims for the sake of money.

However, Doc Adam will continue to create videos about Dr. Farrah for public awareness and safety.

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