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GCash GInsure SMS Insure: What You Need to Know

GCash GInvest

Heard of affordable insurance from GCash GInsure SMS Insure? The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for many. Preparation is vital in life for the inevitable. Some events can still catch anyone off guard, such as mortalities, no matter how careful people are. It will pay to shield oneself with the necessary protection to lessen the impact of untoward events like sickness, accidents, and death. One way is through insurance.

GCash now offers insurance products that are accessible, affordable, and convenient. It has partnered with Singlife for dengue with free COVID-19 cover and income loss due to accident coverage. GCash also collaborates with MicroEnsure and AXA for SMS Insure, which this article will focus on.

Learn About GInsure SMS Insure

Unlike traditional insurance, people can sign up for any GInsure SMS Insure products through text. Then, they receive the insurance policy details through SMS. SMS Insure is also to non-Globe subscribers because premium monthly payments will be deducted from their GCash balance. They should also be fully verified KYC (Know Your Customer) users of the app and within 18 to 64 years old.

GCash GInsure SMS Insure
GCash GInsure SMS Insure

Each insurance product has a corresponding SMS code (see matrix) that customers will use in the text. The processing period of orders takes one to two business days. To claim the insurance coverage, customers will have to email The email must contain information about their situation and supporting documents that can help speed up claims assessment.

Visit the GCash SMS Insure webpage for more information on how to purchase insurance; learn further details through the frequently asked questions, and read the terms and conditions. MoneyTech PH also features GCash SMS Insure in their YouTube channel. If you’re new to GCash and need help to be fully verified so you can access GInsure, you can watch this video by John Ryan Magalona.

Take advantage of GCash insurance products to protect yourself and your family. They are fuss-free and cheaper than traditional coverage so that more Filipinos can be covered during these uncertain times.

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