Filipino YouTube Channels to Follow for Self-Care Inspiration

Filipino YouTube Self-Care Inspiration

Don’t forget to take care of yourself no matter how busy or idle you might be. We’re still amid a pandemic, and so much uncertainty can come with stress and anxiety. Suppose you need help with motivation to ensure you pause work when you have to or find activities that will make you productive during your extended downtime. In that case, you can check out the following Filipino YouTube channels for self-care inspiration.

Department of Health (Philippines)

Aside from COVID updates, the DOH publishes videos that promote healthy habits. Moreover, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), one of DOH’s projects is Lusog-Isip. It’s the first mental health and self-care app culturally adapted for Filipinos. Visit DOH’s YouTube channel for more info and tips.

Quarantalk Media

The Happy Hour for Mental Health segment of Quarantalk Media is now on its 10th episode. If you haven’t caught up on it yet, now is the best time to join in the good vibes. Moreover, this program, which accommodates free consultation, is also brought to you by the Alaga Health app. Alaga Health is the country’s first digital health service hub and marketplace.

PGCA Philippine Counselor

2020 saw a rise in the number of webinars for healthcare, including mental wellbeing. The Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc. was one of the organizations that rose to the occasion. PGCA’s YouTube channel offers expert discussions, such as dealing with gaming and social media addiction for a better new normal and maintaining positivity amidst COVID-19.

Your Millennial Psychologist

Listen to professional advice when you find yourself struggling with mental health. Riyan Portuguez or Your Millennial Psychologist is one Filipino mental health professional you can trust on YouTube for self-care inspiration and advice. These are only a couple of videos you’ll find helpful on the channel: What Is Self-Care? and Winner sa Life With Tita Winnie: What Is Genuine Happiness?

Maricar Torres

Psychologist for EveryJuan Maricar Torres advocates mental health like normalizing seeking help from mental health professionals. She discusses the topics on her channel: digital fatigue, embracing solitude, PTSD, mental health stigma, self-love during the pandemic, medications, and natural anxiety management.

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