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Filipino YouTube Channels on Environmental Conservation

Filipino YouTube Environmental Conservation

Protecting the Earth is imperative because it is the only planet where we can live. Not on Mars, not somewhere else in the Universe! However, artificial developments and poor implementation of environmental laws threaten the country’s flora and fauna diversity. Also, the lack of access to information has contributed to this threat to our environment. In case you want to learn how to help advocate for environmental conservation and protection but don’t know where to start, you can visit the following YouTube channels. If so, please subscribe to these Filipino YouTube channels on Environmental Conservation. Then, watch their videos to see how you can take part in the goal to save Mother Nature.

Center for Environmental Concerns Philippines YouTube Channel

Our country needs courageous people who can stand up to abuses against natural resources, and the CECP’s channel provides information on those who have helped with environmental conservation. Filipino environmental defenders face so many challenges, like the ones shown on In Defense of the Landworkers and Webinar on Human Rights and the Environmental Defenders in the Philippines.

In Defense of the Land

Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle is endangered mainly because of deforestation and hunting. For more than 20 years, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has done direct conservation actions for the Philippine eagle. Its official YouTube channel publishes videos to help us understand what they do. PEF’s conversations on conservation are not limited to the Philippine eagle too.

Biodiversity PH

The Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines (BCSP) is a professional organization of wildlife conservationists. Moreover, its goal is to advance biodiversity conservation and research and increase the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of biodiversity in the Philippines. Also, Biodiversity PH is the official YouTube channel of BCSP.

Forest Foundation Philippines

The work of the Forest Foundation Philippines includes the protection of the country’s most critical forests. Moreover, it has a lot of important videos on its YouTube channel like Sustainable Livelihoods in Forest Protection and Conservation, Mangrove Conservation Toward Climate Resilience, and Understanding the Interplay of Forests, Water, and People.


The World Wide Fund for Nature is the largest conservation organization and environmental solutions provider. Moreover, its Philippine office is present in 16 key cities, and its YouTube channel videos talk about environmental conservation. For instance, it has videos on food waste, efficient use of resources, the plastic problem, climate change, and eco-friendly activities for a sustainable lifestyle.

Please subscribe to these Filipino channels on Environmental Conservation on YouTube for more information.

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