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Doc Adam’s Filipino Partner Casey Breaks Her Silence

Doc Adam's Filipino Girlfriend Casey Breaks Her Silence

Every time Doc Adam leaves home or his workplace on his own, it worries Casey. She worries that he won’t come back, that someone will follow his car and hurt him. She is scared for him. A few days ago, Doc Adam’s Filipino partner Casey spoke out about them and the things happening to them.

When Casey And Doc Adam Met

She met Doc Adam in the Philippines seven years ago. He was already doing charity work and was already learning to speak Filipino. At first, she couldn’t understand why he was doing them. After all, he was a full-time doctor in the UK. She later realized that he loved the Philippines and wanted to live there. In fact, at one point, he tried to convert his UK Medical License to a Philippine Medical license so he could work as a doctor in the Philippines. However, that didn’t happen because the process is complex.

Doc Adam And Partner Casey Moved To Australia, Closer To The Philippines

In 2016, Doc Adam and Casey decided to move to Australia instead of Canada because of its proximity to the Philippines. Anytime they could start anew in the Philippines within two or three years. After moving to Australia, he wanted to help Filipinos and use the Tagalog he had learned. Then, they put up a Facebook page. At first, they shared infographics and general health tips until they put up a YouTube page. They also did medical pranks. Doc Adam was just happy. He was trying to be funny and entertaining, but the goal was to educate Filipinos. He just wanted to share. That was his goal.

Doc Adam’s Sense of Contentment In Helping Filipinos

In the middle of 2020, they were happy with their YouTube channel and Facebook page. They had about 800,000 subscribers, and they were delighted. However, Doc Adam sensed something was missing. He wasn’t content with what he was already giving to the public and wanted to use this platform in a much bigger way. Then, they started brainstorming and came up with the idea of debunking incorrect medical advice some people give online and exposing scammy companies. They knew the repercussions, but the benefit to the Filipinos outweighs the risks.

Then They Get Back At Doc Adam

Then, Doc Adam and Filipino partner Casey started receiving cease and desist letters from companies. Casey couldn’t believe these big companies trying to thwart them. Although Doc Adam has a large number of online followers, it wasn’t massive. Are we a threat to them with our content? How do they even find out about our videos? Should Apple also join the bandwagon if they had videos critical of its products?

At first, Doc Adam And Casey Were Afraid

Doc Adam and Casey were afraid. He didn’t feel the same as her; he thought these companies were trying to stifle his freedom of speech. He knew he was doing something right for these companies to react this way. Doc Adam would then expose them more online on this content.

Fearing For Their Lives

Things became scarier when a supposed medical complaint came against Doc Adam in Australia. It came along with photos of them outside of their residence and her office. Legal threats are one thing, but fearing for their lives is a different story. Some people in Australia have stalked them to take those photos. At one point, Doc Adam started sleeping with a hockey stick beside him. He was that afraid for our lives. That was sometime in September 2020.

Partner Casey Wanted All This Gone Away

She wanted all this to go away. She even tried talking Doc Adam out of it, and they would stop what they were doing online. Many aren’t aware that Doc Adam and her could comfortably live without being influencers and debunking incorrect medical advice online. It’s not even financially viable for them when people could sue them as a means of getting back at them. In the same way, they could piss off some big names, and these people could physically hurt them. Casey is terrified for Doc Adam.

But Doc Adam Isn’t a Pushover

Doc Adam isn’t afraid, but his Filipino partner Casey is. She is scared for their lives and has a mental breakdown. However, she gets her renewed strength in supporting Doc Adam, his cause, and making sure he, too, doesn’t have a mental breakdown.

Doc Adam will fight on.

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