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Doc Adam Helps Shut Down Dr. Ron for Misinformation

Doc Adam shuts down Dr. Ron for misinformation

Doc Adam shuts down Dr. Ron for COVID-19 misinformation! Apparently, the Facebook account of Dr. Ron Samaniego, which has around 700,000 followers, is gone following the physical therapist’s false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines. Facebook has the policy to remove accounts, pages, and groups that spread conspiracy theories and fake news relating to all vaccines and debunked health claims.

Dr. Ron has taken a lot of flak for his views on COVID-19 and vaccination and his medical professionals’ criticisms. Physician vloggers based in the country, such as Dr. Dex Macalintal, Dr. Joanavi Miranda, and Dr. Alvin Francisco, have since made reaction videos to counter Dr. Ron’s unfounded claims.

Triggered by Doc Adam?

For some reason, Dr. Ron specifically mentioned Australia-based Doc Adam in his video where he was bashing medical doctors, saying they have no proof of expertise in the coronavirus. Mo Twister pointed that out on the fifth episode of the Ask Doc Adam & Mo podcast, where he and Doc Adam discussed Dr. Ron’s claims. Doc Adam also published his reaction video titled Real Doctor Debunks Dr. Wrong, in which he used an alliterative play on Dr. Ron’s name – Ron is wrong.

According to Doc Adam, Dr. Ron got many things wrong. First, he believes that COVID-19 is just like flu. Second, Ron downplays the effects of the coronavirus, stating it’s not deadly. Third, he said the virus wouldn’t survive in the Philippines because of its hot climate, and after having been hit by several typhoons, they must have washed away the virus. Lastly, he alleged that vaccines are poisonous and he won’t need them.

Dr. Ron also made serious allegations against the country’s government and health institutions’ handling of the pandemic. Doc Adam called him out to show evidence for these arguments but mainly ignored Dr. Ron’s claims’ political angle. 

Facing Repercussions

After Doc Adam’s video, Dr. Ron responded salty, calling Doc Adam racist (and kangaroo-loving). However, things aren’t looking good for Dr. Ron; because other than his Facebook account getting removed, the Philippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc. (PPTA) considers filing the strongest possible ethical complaint against him with the Professional Regulation Commission. 

The PPTA released its statement on Twitter on April 6, 2021. Although Dr. Ron, who calls himself a doctor of physical therapy, isn’t a member of the association, PPTA encourages the physical therapy community to be “active combatants against the spread of disinformation and misinformation,” especially now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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