Doc Adam And The Uncalled-for Outburst From Ben Tulfo

Doc Adam And The Uncalled For Outburst From Ben Tulfo
Photo by Doc Adam

Doc Adam uses his YouTube channel to debunk false and unproven health claims focusing on the Philippines. He has been in dire situations because of his advocacy. The latest of which is a court case Dr. Farrah filed against him. His fellow YouTuber Atty. Libayan has helped Doc Adam with his current legal situation. However, he could only do so much because the lawsuit was in Australia. Another problem Doc Adam faces now is a YouTube war with Bitag’s Ben Tulfo, who used ad hominem in his response to Doc Adam’s YouTube video. The doctor’s video questions some health claims of Kings Herbal, a food supplement Tulfo promoted on his show.

Ben Tulfo Uses Bitag As Shield

Ben Tulfo denied that he’s an endorser of Kings Herbal but stated it’s a sponsor of Bitag. He said they made sure it was licensed and approved by the FDA before being a sponsor. However, Ben Tulfo is the show’s only host.

Ben Tulfo Prematurely Labels Doc Adam A Coward

According to Tulfo, Doc Adam has a white savior complex. He challenged him to stay in the Philippines if he wanted to fight misinformation in the country for accountability. He said he’s even willing to help Doc Adam with his advocacy, but “maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan” (chaos will ensue) if Doc Adam includes him in his expose. Tulfo went even further by labeling Doc Adam a coward for removing the doctor’s contentious video.

But Doc Adam Was Uploads The Same Video Again

However, Doc Adam said he was re-editing his video and would upload it again soon. He has posted two videos reacting to Tulfo’s response. In the last video, Doc Adam didn’t say Tulfo was making the claims about the supplement but the company and people who gave their testimonies online. Doc Adam shared the link of a Kings Herbal testimony video. However, the owner of the video has already set it to private.

According to Doc Alvin Francisco, another YouTuber physician, “These testimonies give (a) false sense of security to those people who need urgent care.” He posted this comment on Doc Adam’s A Lesson for Tulfo post. However, Bitag Official turned off the comments on videos that feature Doc Adam. Then, Tulfo addressed the doctor’s followers, calling them trolls.

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