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CopperMask PH Scares Doc Adam With Lawsuit


Doc Adam created a video about the CopperMask PH product’s inadequacy to protect its users from catching COVID-19. Then, he received a cease-and-desist order letter from CopperMaskPH.

Many know that CopperMask PH’s so-called Copper Mask 1.0 has a hole beneath the chin area. A lot of Filipino celebrities have endorsed this product. Among these celebrities include Erwin Tulfo, Kathryn Bernardo, Alden Richards, and others. As a result, it quickly shot up to the limelight.

CopperMask PH claims the copper in its mask kills viruses and bacteria. However, the amount of copper in the is not available on its packaging. As such, many doctors question its safety. If there is a minuscule amount of copper and a hole, how can the mask be effective as advertised? Common sense, right?

Cease-And-Desist Order

Doc Adam shared a snapshot of the cease-and-desist order letter apparently from lawyers representing CopperMask PH.

…consider this letter as a last and final demand for you to cease and desist in continuously posting defamatory comments and remarks against CopperMaskPH, and to remove the Facebook post immediately upon receipt of this letter. Otherwise, much to our regret, we will forthwith file the necessary complaint before the Office of the City Prosecutor for violating Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code in relation to Republic Act 10175, otherwise known as the Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012. In which event, you be held criminally and civilly liable and will be subjected for the payment of damages amounting to TEN MILLION PESOS (PHP100000.00), interest, cost of suit, attorney’s fees, and imprisonment in the minimum term of six (6) years.

Medical Bodies and Doctors Do Not Support Masks With Holes Or Valves

Some medical bodies and even hospitals have released advisories against masks for valves or holes.

From the Philippine College of Physicians official Facebook page
From Makati Medical Center Facebook page

According to Dr. Maricar Limpin, the current Vice President at the Philippine College of Physicians, “One problem we see with copper masks is it has a ‘space’ (hole). Just beneath the chin area. The virus can still enter through the ‘space’ when we inhale. Therefore, there is a port of entry for the virus.”

CopperMask PH Releases Copper Mask 2.0

CopperMask PH has released an improved version of its product – Copper Mask 2.0. This time it comes with a set of non-woven fabric filters for the hole. Version 2.0 of its product shows the companies commitment to improvement.

To be fair to CopperMask PH, PinoyStack encourages Filipinos to purchase original (non-pirated) Copper Masks from CopperMask PH.

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