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Top Filipino Travel Vloggers You Should Follow

Top Filipino Travel Vloggers

What are your travel plans like now that the Philippine government is starting to ease the COVID-19 restrictions? It’s been a long time since we’re cooped up in our bubble that it’s perfectly understandable to begin planning for that dream trip already, whether it’s going to happen soon enough or not. Those who are still very cautious because we’re not yet out of the woods, and those who are ready to go out there and explore new destinations once more, you can binge-watch the travel videos of these top four Filipino vloggers on YouTube to get inspiration if not hope. You can also pick up an idea or two for your next travel goals from them.

Get Up To Speed With The Latest Travel Requirements From Jennifer Terri

Are you planning to travel in and out of the Philippines soon? Get a load of this YouTube channel from Jennifer Terri! Her channel will bring and keep up you up to speed with the latest travel requirements. Jennifer Terri helps break down information that the government and other countries publish. As the pandemic situation is ever-changing, we need all the help we can get to understand new rules, and Jennifer Terri gives some good travel updates.

On Budget? Get Some Useful Tips From These Filipinos Of The Poor Traveler

For most DIY and “budgetarian” travelers in the Philippines, The Poor Traveler blog is the first resource they seek for travel guides and tips. The bloggers behind The Poor Traveler, Vins and Yosh, also have a YouTube channel with the same name as their blog that you should check out. They cover international and local trips. They vlogged about some of their destinations like Milan, Monaco, Batanes, Sagada, and beaches near Manila.

Travel Local With Dada Koo

If you want to know what’s up in the National Capital Region and surrounding provinces, go to the Dada Koo channel on YouTube. He and his sweetie will bring you along as they go sightseeing with updates on infrastructure projects and more. They also review restaurants like fine dining in Conrad Hotel Buffet and al fresco dining in Matam-ih, which serves exotic and authentic Kapampangan cuisine.

Filipino Travel, Lifestyle, and Food Vlogger David Guison

Filipino YouTuber David Guison features travel, lifestyle, food, and more on his channel. Aside from his local travels, he vlogs his trips to foreign countries like Korea, Greece, and India. You might also find his videos interesting about shopping, café hopping, condo living, Airbnb house tours, island life, and self-care.

As for the pandemic, we are not out of the woods yet. But we are getting there! In the meantime, brush up on photography and videography skills as you plan your next travel adventure.

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