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Jollibee Sets Up First Store In Kuala Lumpur (West Malaysia)

Jollibee Store West Malaysia

We spotted the first Jollibee store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (in West Malaysia). Although still under construction, it will probably be operational very soon. The first Jollibee store will open at Sunway Shopping Mall, one of the biggest and famous malls in Kuala Lumpur.

Jollibee Expension Plan in West Malaysia

Jollibee extends to West Malaysia and plans to open 120 branches in 2022 for the next decade. The initial plan was to set up 50 stores in West Malaysia and another 50 in East Malaysia. However, the latest updates from Jollibee indicate that the Philippine-based fast-food restaurant will open 120 stores across West Malaysia alone.

Wait! Where on Earth is West and East Malaysia?

For those unfamiliar with the geography of Malaysia, the country consists of two major land masses. The locals generally refer to them as West and East Malaysia. West Malaysia is the part of the country that sits on mainland Asia, while East Malaysia is a region in the Borneo island. If we check the map of Malaysia, it is a country that occupies two geographic areas separated by the Southernmost portion of the South China sea.

Jollibee Second Store In Sabah

There had been a Jollibee store in Sabah, Malaysia, but it was closed down in 1997 due to the 1997 financial crisis. However, Jollibee returned to Sabah in 2018.

What to expect at Jollibee in West Malaysia

The Jollibee store already in East Malaysia could give us a hint of what the Jollibee stores in West Malaysia could offer. The offerings could be similar – Chickenjoy (from RM 55.20 a bucket or RM 9.00 for a meal with sides and a drink.

Their spaghetti comes à la carte (from RM 8.80) or with sides. There could also be Chessy Yumberger and Burger steak from RM 9.60 and RM 8.80, respectively.  Burger steak is a beef patty with mushroom sauce served with white rice.

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