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Filipino Videos About Mountaineering, Hiking, and Camping

Filipino YouTube channels about Mountaineering, Hiking, and Camping

Now that the pandemic alert levels are dropping all over the Philippines. But have you started planning on your next adventure yet? Then, these channels may help you decide what to do and where to go soon. They include videos from Filipinos about mountaineering, hiking, and camping, in case you are the outdoorsy type or already living the Van Life.

Mountaineering and Hiking Tips From Coby Sarreal

Think of Coby Sarreal’s channel as your mountaineering and hiking guide to various mountains in the Philippines. He has also gone on hikes abroad, like the highest mountain in Australia, the snow mountain in Taiwan, and Mt. Everest. Coby will give you camping ideas about what to bring on an overnight hike. For example, how to pack your backpack, choose your hiking shoes, etc.

Camping Near Metro Manila With Kamp

The Kamp YouTube channel introduces different camping sites near Metro Manila, such as Camp Bughaw in Rizal, Amil’s Campsite in Laguna, Pa’pag Camping Site in Antipolo, and what to do there. The channel also features coffee camping essentials, wooden camping items, and other camping essentials.

Camp With Mountaineer Hungry Bolo

Meanwhile, if you are also a foodie who loves camping, you will appreciate Hungry Bolo’s videos, which are incredibly satisfying to watch. Most of the channel’s videos are about food preparation while camping. Some of the places it has featured are Mount Gulugod Baboy, Sierra Madre, Pangasinan, Bulacan, and Quezon Province.

Filipino Videos From Mikelista Vlogs

Is solo camping your thing? Then Mikelista Vlogs is the channel for you. Its videos include lake camping, cooking beside the river, chill camping, camping in the rain, and camping on a farm. There’s also a video about low-budget camping equipment you need to know. Expect a lot of cooking on this channel too. 

Climb And Hike With Nomad Terra Crawlers TV

You can see a lot of climbing, hiking, and trail running destinations featured on Nomad Terra Crawlers TV like in Batangas, Zambales, Cavite, Bataan, and Pampanga. In addition, you’ll find their vlogs about trail running essentials and some cause-oriented activities, such as healing hikes with families of extrajudicial killing victims and hiking with PWDs.  

Even if you’re not ready for that next big adventure yet, these Filipino YouTube channels can help you prepare for mountaineering, camping, and hiking. These channels also showcase some of the best natural destinations in the Philippines, albeit most of them are in Luzon only.

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