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Top 3 Filipino P-Pop Groups We Need to Stan Over ASAP!

Filipino P-pop group - SB19, BGYO, BINI

Korean pop culture has spread like wildfire through the South Korean wave or “Hallyu” in the early 2000s. It created a global phenomenon we have never seen before, even in J-pop. The Korean pop culture is so contagious that it gave rise to Filipino P-Pop or Pinoy Pop music which is now catching on. It’s time to put the spotlight on these Filipino talents!

Yes, at some point, we cringed on the idea of K-Pop-inspired Filipino P-pop groups. But these young Filipino talents surpassed our expectations and are no copycats. Now, they make the Filipino wave instead of just riding on “Hallyu.” Whoever said Filipino artists are not worth “stanning” was wrong. Filipinos are very capable of singing, dancing, rapping, and even offer stunning visuals. If you haven’t heard of the term “to stan,” it simply means to become a fan of an artist and support them in their projects. 

The Filipino Chart-Topping P-Pop Group SB19

First on our list is the global chart-topping boy group, SB19! If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon that SB19 started, it is never too late to stan these boys! This quintet composes of Josh, Pablo, Ken, Justin, and Stell.

Trained under Show BT Philippines and debuted in 2018, the Filipino P-pop group SB19 continues to make rounds on social media. Bringing together a fusion of music influenced by Pinoy and Korean pop culture, SB19 bagged numerous awards. These awards include those from Awit Awards, RAWR Awards, Wish Music Awards, and many more. Internationally, they were nominated for Top Social Artist in the recent Billboard Music Awards and Best Southeast Asian Act by the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Billboard’s Next Big Sound No. 1 Group BGYO

Another Filipino P-Pop boy group has recently made rounds in music charts composed by Gelom Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate. Breaking out in the music scene internationally, BGYO steals the show with their comeback “The Baddest.”

Formerly having the name SHA Boys, they trained under the ABS-CBN Star Hunt Academy in 2018 and debuted in 2021. With their full-length studio album, The Light, they have become the first Filipino act to rank No.1 and appear weekly in Billboard’s Next Big Sound.

The First All-girl Filipino Group Bini

Gearing up after less than a year after debuting, the all-girl Filipino P-Pop group Bini succeeded in turning heads and having their name known in the pop industry. Both BGYO and Bini are from the same roots under Star Hunt Academy. Bini members are Aiah, Stacey, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Sheena, Mikha, and Jhoanna.

They have also appeared in numerous television shows such as It’s Showtime, ASAP, and Magandang Buhay, capturing the attention and interests of the mass audiences with their visuals and choreography. With their debut single “Born to Win” featured in MTV Asia, the P-pop group BINI hopes to expand its audiences globally.

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