Panalo Singer Fil-Am Ez Mil Mesmerizes Filipinos

Ez Mill with his friends in the Philippines

By this time, most of us have already seen Ez Mil’s live performance of Panalo on the Wish USA. It is no surprise because his YouTube video has just garnered 10 million views in three days since its release. It generated a lot of buzz on him as an artist.

I must admit I cringed the first time I watched his live performance for a little over thirty seconds. I thought, “Great! Another Fil-Am is making a name for himself in the Philippines. This time he is tapping the patriotic-ish song genre. Geez! He’s not even based in the Philippines!” Of course, I was too quick to judge him. My bad. I think he is as Filipino as any of us in the Philippines or abroad.

But who is he? In real-life, Ez Mil is Ezekiel Miller. He is the son of Paul Sapiera and Hazel Miller. Paul was the lead singer of the 90s band Rockstar.

Paul and Hazel do not live together but are on good terms. Ez Mil carries his mom’s maiden name. He also has a sister who goes by Raining Sparrow’s name, who is also into music.

Raul Sapiera briefly talks about his son’s success.

Education And Employment

Ez Mil attended high school at the Olongapo Wesley School and took a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at Saint Louis University from 2016 to 2017. Later, he started up his own company, F*ck Flesh Productions. He is now based in Las Vegas and writes for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This information is available on his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts – this and this.

Ez Mil’s Music Style

Ez Mil is into rap, as his father also confirms. Some of his songs are gangsta rap; others are chill songs drawn on life experiences. Others are pop and R&B.

By the way, he writes all his songs! You can check some of them out on his YouTube channel.

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