Side Hustle Ideas for Students and Young Filipinos

Despite the pandemic, Filipinos – including the young and even students – could still side hustle to earn extra cash no matter where they are. No doubt, the pandemic has changed the lives of Filipinos. It disrupted the morning routine we had programmed in our head. Everyone needed to stay

Team Payaman Revisits Payamansion 1.0

The Team Payaman revisits the old Payamansion (aka Payamansion 1.0) after leaving the place for almost ten months. While the Team Payaman was settling in the Payamansion 2.0, TierOne converted the old Paymansion into a Gaming House for their reality shows. Team Payaman Dropping By Payamansion 1.0 Cong TV admits


Two Filipino Urban Legends That Refuse To Die Out

The Philippines has its urban legends as creepy as the slender man or the Loch Ness monster. Filipinos are predominantly Roman Catholics and Muslims, but one would think the Filipinos don’t tell spine-chilling and hair-raising stories. For instance, one story was about the disappearance of children back in the ’70s.


Filipino Online Stores That Specialize in Gift Giving

As the Ber-Months have officially entered for us Filipinos, the most beautiful time of the year is also coming! Therefore, it’s best to get ready for the upcoming gift-giving holiday and prepare your wallets AND our, ahem, 13th-month pay, ahem, for this year’s Christmas season. But the Christmas season shouldn’t


The Philippines Is hard To Fix, Doc Adam Leaving YouTube

Doc Adam is finally leaving YouTube because the troubles he has gotten into are not worth it anymore. His crusade to help Filipinos is an uphill battle. The Philippines is difficult to fix on individual capacity. After four years of creating videos for Filipinos, he and his girlfriend call it