Philippine Presidential Election 2022 Candidates

It’s less than 80 days before the Philippine National Elections. Read on if you haven’t decided whom to vote for from the Philippine Presidential election 2022 candidates. Fortunately, you still have ample time to do your research. Your choice could help the country’s path to recovery from the many societal


The Filipino Youth Impact On The Philippine 2022 Election

The votes of the Filipino youth have a significant impact on the upcoming 2022 Philippine election; they could make or break our country in the coming years. After almost six years, Filipinos will have to select new essential government officials again into office. These are the president, vice-president, and senators,

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Filipinos Are Steppingstones For Politicians To Win Elections

We must exercise our right to vote. But bear in mind, we are only steppingstones for Filipino politicians, especially to win elections. Politics is a dirty word. So as most politicians in the Philippines. Filipino Politicians Are Corrupt, By Default We should not put any faith in politicians (and those

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5 Effective Ways To Fight COVID-19 in the Philippines

Yes, the Philippine Government doesn’t rely much on data to come up with decisions. However, sticking to facts and science is a lesson the COVID-19 pandemic can teach Filipinos. Here are ten effective ways to fight COVID-19 which the Philippines should have done. In a Health Issues episode, Executive Director