Wholesome Content For Filipino Television Dramas

The usual plots of Filipino television dramas revolve around the same themes and stereotypes. These include having mistresses, being treated poorly by the stepmother, or switching children at birth. Another overused plotline is having a rich guy fall in love with a poor girl. Then his family would sabotage their

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Filipinos Are Steppingstones For Politicians To Win Elections

We must exercise our right to vote. But bear in mind, we are only steppingstones for Filipino politicians, especially to win elections. Politics is a dirty word. So as most politicians in the Philippines. Filipino Politicians Are Corrupt, By Default We should not put any faith in politicians (and those

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Raffy Tulfo In Action Is Not Court of Justice But A Business

Filipinos should stop watching The Raffy Tulfo in Action on YouTube because it is not a court of law and dispense justice. Instead, it encourages injustice by trial by media, belittles people and government employees. In addition, it is a media business that exists for profit and makes money off