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Do You Need Life Insurance Policy In the Philippines?

Do you need a life insurance policy in the Philippines? Your answer may vary depending on your circumstance. Mostly yes, if you’re the breadwinner. However, it would be best if you didn’t buy an insurance policy willy-nilly. It’s always wise to do your homework before putting your money into something


The Philippines Is hard To Fix, Doc Adam Leaving YouTube

Doc Adam is finally leaving YouTube because the troubles he has gotten into are not worth it anymore. His crusade to help Filipinos is an uphill battle. The Philippines is difficult to fix on individual capacity. After four years of creating videos for Filipinos, he and his girlfriend call it


Doc Adam And The Uncalled-for Outburst From Ben Tulfo

Doc Adam uses his YouTube channel to debunk false and unproven health claims focusing on the Philippines. He has been in dire situations because of his advocacy. The latest of which is a court case Dr. Farrah filed against him. His fellow YouTuber Atty. Libayan has helped Doc Adam with

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Doc Adam’s Filipino Partner Casey Breaks Her Silence

Every time Doc Adam leaves home or his workplace on his own, it worries Casey. She worries that he won’t come back, that someone will follow his car and hurt him. She is scared for him. A few days ago, Doc Adam’s Filipino partner Casey spoke out about them and

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Top 5 Filipino Fitness Coaches To Follow on YouTube

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t stopping fitness buffs from working out despite limited use at commercial gyms. With available resources on the internet, anyone can figure out suitable routines and health tips to follow. If you’re looking for guidance from a professional fitness coach, here are our top 5 Filipino fitness