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Filipino Videos About Mountaineering, Hiking, and Camping

Now that the pandemic alert levels are dropping all over the Philippines. But have you started planning on your next adventure yet? Then, these channels may help you decide what to do and where to go soon. They include videos from Filipinos about mountaineering, hiking, and camping, in case you

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Filipino YouTube Channels Coffee Lovers Should Check Out

In case you guys are coffee lovers, you will probably find the following Filipino YouTube channels as your happy place. They offer quality coffee content for you to enjoy and learn from. Follow along and see how you can benefit from these channels or support the coffee industry in the

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Top Filipino Travel Vloggers You Should Follow

What are your travel plans like now that the Philippine government is starting to ease the COVID-19 restrictions? It’s been a long time since we’re cooped up in our bubble that it’s perfectly understandable to begin planning for that dream trip already, whether it’s going to happen soon enough or

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Jollibee Sets Up First Store In Kuala Lumpur (West Malaysia)

We spotted the first Jollibee store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (in West Malaysia). Although still under construction, it will probably be operational very soon. The first Jollibee store will open at Sunway Shopping Mall, one of the biggest and famous malls in Kuala Lumpur. Jollibee Expension Plan in West Malaysia

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Who is Basel Manadil The Hungry Syrian Wanderer?

Here are seven things you did not know about The Hungry Syrian Wanderer. We may have seen his YouTube videos before, but many of us did not end up following him on social media. Some thought he was just a visiting foreigner. However, this Syrian-born vlogger and content creator turned