Top 3 Filipino P-Pop Groups We Need to Stan Over ASAP!

Korean pop culture has spread like wildfire through the South Korean wave or “Hallyu” in the early 2000s. It created a global phenomenon we have never seen before, even in J-pop. The Korean pop culture is so contagious that it gave rise to Filipino P-Pop or Pinoy Pop music which


Panalo Singer Fil-Am Ez Mil Mesmerizes Filipinos

By this time, most of us have already seen Ez Mil’s live performance of Panalo on the Wish USA. It is no surprise because his YouTube video has just garnered 10 million views in three days since its release. It generated a lot of buzz on him as an artist.


Beks Battalion Sharon Cuneta Condo Tour

Ms. Sharon Cuneta has recently toured the Beks Battalion in her lovely condo unit, apparently one of the condo units she and her husband own on the same building floor. She revealed that it is her “girly condo” unit – a place for herself and because she has many things.