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How Did Nicole Alba Make Money – Php200k In 3 Months?

Nicole alba make money

Although entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea, many need to realize that nine-to-five jobs alone won’t make them financially independent. Even the highest-paid employees venture into business. A YouTuber, Nicole Alba, made money worth Php 200,000 in three months while still a student in the Philippines. However, this article and her YouTube vlog do not teach you to make Php 200,000 in three months. Alba shared in her vlog she wasn’t able to replicate this buy and sell success story. What we can learn instead are lessons from her experience and mindset in general.

The Opportunity That Helped Her Make Money Online

Nicole Alba chanced on someone selling windbreakers on Facebook Marketplace at Php1,200 each. As she was still in school, the item expensive for her. So, Alba looked the jacket up on Google and found out it was selling on Shopee Php 600 cheaper. Then, she thought that she could source from Shopee and sell those windbreakers online at a lower price. In the end, many bought her windbreakers instead of the other seller’s jackets. That’s how Nicole Alba made that much money in a short time. If you want to know more about how she did it, the risks she took, and the response, watch her YouTube video. Although we’ve also listed here some lessons, you can contemplate on.

5 Major Takeaways From Nicole Alba

  1. “You don’t need to know everything before you start. You need to know some things, take action, and then learn more, and then take more action, adjust course the more you learn.”
  2. “Quick to act. All these opportunities are out there. Get them! If you never take action, then nothing’s going to happen.”
  3. “You won’t understand the risks of investment… until you try it out for yourself. What worked for me could not work for you or someone else. You need to find the ways that work best for you.”
  4. “Put yourself in a position to be able to see those opportunities and take advantage of them because they’re everywhere. You need to have the mindset, that dedication, and the drive to go for it.”
  5. “Prepare yourself. Invest in yourself. Hands down, the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself, in your education, in your skills.”

Suppose there’s one good reason why you should subscribe to Nicole Alba. In that case, it’s that she’s relatable, especially if you’re still starting to think about your finance or investments. Make it two – Nicole Alba isn’t a know-it-all who misleads her viewers into thinking that her ways to make money are the best. But you can gain valuable insights and information from her experiences.

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